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JDP senior Cameron

It was the start of the 6th grade…the beginning of middle school and Cameron was new in town, navigating a new school and a new house.  The bus driver dropped him off at the wrong stop and fortunately he had been talking to a friendly kid he’d been introduced to once named Tad.  Cameron came to our house that day to hang out till his mom got home.  That was the start to their friendship 6 years ago.  Click here to contact us re your own custom JDP senior session.

Watching Cameron grow up has been such a joy!  He’s always a joy to have around, but what’s even cooler is to see the young man he’s growing into today.  It’s hard for me not to still see him as one of the little boys who raced back and forth between shooting hoops, dodging air soft bullets and jumping on the trampolines for hours.  But now I see a young man with his eyes on the prize for making the dreams for his future a reality.  He knows there’s a lot of hard work and sacrifice to make that happen and he’s prepared to make it a reality.  This makes mom teary eyed because she knows her boy is ready to spread his wings and she’s not ready for him to leave.

Cameron’s the kind of kid who will play just about any back yard sport that’s happening around him.  However, his real love is baseball and it’s been with him his whole life.  He’s played for the love of the game and shared this passion with his dad whose love of sports goes back to his childhood as well.   Cameron is a pitcher and 2nd baseman for Winters Mill baseball team.  He loves the camaraderie of being a part of a team and the fiercely competitive nature of being a high school athlete.

Cameron is one of the most competitive kids I know.  He plays to win…also because he loves the game…but to win.  This is essential to being a competitive pitcher at this level of competition. 

Cameron’s role as a pitcher inspired this Gatorade pitcher dump often done to celebrate big wins for a pitcher.  My son and a mutual friend were all too happy to join in helping to create this!  Don’t worry, Cameron got the chance to return the favor for Tad for a segment of his senior portraits in the pool!

Cameron hopes to major in sports management at University of South Carolina.  He’s a business minded kid who follows the stock market and even meets with a financial planner to help him prepare for his financial future.  Something tells me this will serve him well as he prepares for his future! 

Just so happened that Cameron was the first client we used these newly acquired vintage Hollywood lights.  Now each time we pull them out I’ll always think fondly of the little boy who raced around here that’s growing into a young man full of drive, determination and kindness.

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Cameron’s love of basketball, especially Duke basketball is a big deal to him.  He knows my husband is a big Terps fan so one day he set up all his Duke gear all over his office.  He was jokingly warned that all Duke fans have to sleep in the shed when he came for sleepovers.  He was here for a lot of sleepovers over the years, but I don’t think any of them happened in the shed! 😉

Cameron plays golf at Winters Mill as well and we created his golf portraits at Westminster National, where his team practices and he also works.  They were gracious to allow us to create one evening and for that we are grateful.

Cameron, it was such a joy to create with you and for you and your family.   We are blessed to have you in our life and we are looking forward to all that your future holds for you!  Your family has surrounded you with a steadfast love that has been the soil to grow you into the incredible young man you are today!

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