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JDP senior Lexi

JDP senior Lexi’s been dancing for years, and she’s recently added pointe to her repertoire!  She loves tap, jazz and lyrical and trains at D&J’s studio with girls who have become her closest friends.  Unfortunately, her flexibility has taken a hit after she was diagnosed with pars stress fracture in her lower spine, L4, on both sides.  This hasn’t stopped her from dancing, but she has to be more cautious to avoid further injury.


Lexi’s cat Alice joined her and was a natural just like Lexi!  I mean come on–the perfect black cat arched back!  Alice was certainly very curious during the session, exploring and even climbing on top of a softbox.  That softbox crashed to the floor, we heard a pop and I watched Lexi and her mom gasping in horror.  I assured Lexi and her mom it was no big deal.  Things happen.  It’s the risk we take when we create like this.  No risk no reward like below!

However, I use Paul C. Buff strobes and we quickly realized it was only a modeling light bulb (no big deal) not the flash tube, that broke!  I called Paul C. Buff the next day to tell them how awesome their lights are! Take a beating and keep on shining!

Instagram marketing chased me down with ads for these light up wings!  The dancer in them was never visible, but the wings were all lit up and looked amazing so I couldn’t resist!  Cool challenge to light them and Lexi!  Lexi got to be our first JDP senior to use them!

And of course we needed to pay homage to her years of tap!

Lexi is studying cosmetology at the Career Tech center. This ties in with her job she loves at Dawn’s Shear Style salon in Manchester.  She also attends Manchester Valley High where she’ll graduate from this spring.  She plans to attend Mt. Saint Mary’s in the fall to pursue a career as a psychologist. It’s really easy to see why Lexi would like to become a psychologist if you’ve spent any time with her.  She’s got a heart for people and her compassionate nature will make her an excellent psychologist.

Over the last year we’ve been starting all of our interested JDP senior girls with an updo for the first 15 minutes of her session.  Next fall our studio will celebrate 10 years in business and we are planning a fine art show of women’s portraiture to celebrate this accomplishment!  We will share details as we get closer! So, while of course we cover modern girl looks in every senior’s session, I’m loving creating these timeless pieces of fine art portraits to select from for display at our fine art show! 

Lexi is an old soul and that couldn’t have been more apparent than when she showed me her record player and albums!

Lexi and Alice–the dynamic duo!

I’m so glad Alice was a part of Lexi’s session!  She means the world to Lexi and pretty much lives in Lexi’s room.  Lexi found her one day outside the dance studio.  She tried to find her owner but was unsuccessful, so mom relented and said Alice could stay!  Lexi couldn’t imagine life without Alice now!

Lexi was inspired by some other JDP seniors who’ve gone under and in the water for their sessions and didn’t mind that it meant she’d have to wreck her awesome hair styling!  Her hair will curl again, but now her portraits are forever!

For the girl who wore a floral crown for her confirmation, how fitting that she’d find a floral wreath in our studio wardrobe she loved for her senior portraits!  Lexi, I’m so excited to see how this world will be a better place for your smile and your kind heart!

Keep dancing all the days of your life dear one and may it continue to bring you joy unceasing! 






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