JDP senior Cameron

Meet JDP senior Cameron.  A chill cool guy who brings intensity to the game he loves, basketball!  Click here to inquire about your own custom senior portraits.

Cameron transferred to Mount Carmel after the coach showed some interest in him to join their basketball team.  There’s a lot involved to make a decision like that and Cameron took on all that responsibility himself to make this opportunity a reality for himself.  He’s an honor roll student as well who takes his commitment to the classroom and court seriously.

When he’s not on the court or in the classroom, you’ll find him gaming, hanging with friends or wheeling and dealing as a reseller of his shoes for profit.  As a small business owner, I always love to see the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in kids!  His top profit on a pair has been $150 so far! I think my entrepreneurial spirit dates back to middle school when I was buying and selling candy bars at school to earn money to buy my first pair of contact lenses!  Top profit per sale, approximately .50 cents! Course no one was chomping at the bit to buy my K-Mart shoes so I’m thankful for our sugar obsessed palette in the US! 😉

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Cameron is a shooting guard at Mount Carmel who knows how to put points on the board.  He hopes to play college ball at a D2 school but hasn’t made up his mind where that will be yet.  He takes his game seriously and has no plans to slow down.

Cameron, we wish you all the best with the 2nd half of your senior year!  Graduation is coming quickly for you!  I know your mom searched for a year for senior portraits that would capture your love for the game in the way she was hoping!  May the rest of your season give your whole Jackson crew lots of cause to go wild and crazy in the stands!

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  1. AJ says:

    These pics have by far exceeded my expectations!!! #ProudMom #JennIsAmazing

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