Happy Birthday Macy Mae

Our crazy sweet Macy Mae turned 1 recently so I just had to mark this momentous occasion with a birthday portrait time!  Click here to chat about your own custom pet portraits!

I have 3 teenage boys, so thankfully our female puppy tolerates me dressing her up and celebrate the feminine side far better than my boys would ever have! I spent a bulk of my childhood braiding hair on my dolls and changing out paper doll outfits, soooo this looks about right!

Of course no birthday celebration would be complete without a birthday “cake.”  This particular one is made of Macy Mae’s favorite food–salmon!  This is a triple decker salmon cake with layers of cheddar cheese and red peppers with a dollop of sour cream!  I swear she must be part bear by how crazy she goes for salmon!  As you can see it didn’t last long!

She’s stately and sweet, albeit not cuddly (until she finally collapses at the end of the night in exhaustion and is too tired to resist our sneaked in cuddle time!)  She’s my shadow most of the day and is curious like a toddler.  Happy birthday sweet Macy Mae!

Click here to chat about your own custom portraits!

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