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JDP senior Cole

JDP senior Cole is near and dear to my heart…he is my dear friend and studio stylist’s Jill Jackson’s son.  Like his mother, he has a very defined sense of style…he jokes it’s black!  Looking for your own custom senior portraits?  Click here to reach out to us.

Cole is a car enthusiast and loves watching Barrett Jackson auctions with his dad Ben.  (Ben joked that he wished there had been some goofy portraits in the collection so he’d have something to rag on Cole over! Laughter and snark is a big deal in the Jackson home)  Ben and Cole  have gone to the auction live and like to dream about a car they’ll buy one day.  The red brake calipers you see were a Christmas gift and important for Cole to see in the portrait.  His pie in the sky dream car is a Lamborghini…who know…someday Cole??

Cole’s family purchased a picturesque idyllic home that has a horse farm attached to it.  It’s the perfect combo of amazing views without them having to actually invest the daily labor into caring for all the beautiful horses. 

Cole attends Mount Airy Christian Academy and will graduate this spring…at least that’s always been the plan before this damn Corona virus hijacked the class of 2020’s senior year!

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Cole has always favored the relational dynamic of small, intimate setting that started at Carroll Lutheran and will be ending at MACA.  He appreciates that MACA focuses on equipping a young Christian with the skills to take his faith into his everyday world.  He’s learned about his faith, how it compares to others, and how to defend it in a world that often trumpets ‘anything goes.’  His faith is a defining factor in who Cole is and he understands there is an audience of One for the approval on that that matters most in this life.

Cole also works at the Westminster Rescue Mission to assist its goal of helping men recover from their addiction and find life abundant in Jesus. 

Cole’s got a set of pipes on him that you’ll have to be a member of the exclusive Jackson Five to hear.  He saves his best work for his family who is pretty fanatical about their love of music!  The Jacksons take dance parties, recording Tik Tok’s, and name that lyric/band competitions pretty seriously around their house!  People tell Cole he should be a DJ because of the soothing sound of his voice.  Who knows what the future holds!

Cole began playing guitar about 2 years ago and found a means to express himself in a way that he will carry with him the rest of his life.  He plays acoustic, but electric is what makes his heart beat faster!

Cole’s music interest is all over the board–Christian, electric, metal, rock–he loves it all!  His practice philosophy for training is to focus on learning songs he loves, which compels him to practice more.  He can flourish and challenge himself on his own terms and revel in the satisfaction of mastering a piece he’s poured himself into.

Cole has plans to study guitar his whole life.  His little brother currently plays drums and Cole is considering taking that up as well.  Cole’s chill manner with his wit and sense of humor makes him a joy for everyone who gets to do life with him.  He’s a quiet kid, so it can be easy to miss all the cool pieces that are Cole…it’s a treasure for those who find it!  

Seems like the blink of an eye ago when 10 years ago I created this portrait of Cole and here we are today, smiling wide at the amazing young man of God he has grown into!  He makes his mom and dad so proud of his commitment to his God and his family.  He is a blessing to all who get to do life with him and we can’t wait to see what this next stage holds for you Cole!  May the Lord bless you and keep you all the days of your life!

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