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JDP senior Devin

JDP senior Devin joined us right as COVID 19 was beginning to unfurl its crazy on our world.  We are sooo thankful that we were able to fit his senior portraits in prior to this quarantine!  Click here if you’d like to inquire about custom senior portraits in your future!

Devin’s the third of 3 boys in his family who all share a remarkable resemblance!  He’s a quiet reflective soul who spent many years of life exploring a love for theater.  It all began with a 2nd grade production of Shakespeare that hooked him for the next 7 years of his life.

Devin is a big gamer and loves everything there is about computers.  He loves the efficiency and how quickly he can navigate life through one.  So much so that he plans to study computer sciences to start at Carroll Community and likely transfer to UMBC or University of MD after two years.

Devin loves to watch NBA and cheer on his Sixers…especially Josh Richardson.  He’s hopeful to be able to cheer them on again soon when the world returns to normal.  At this point Devin is ready to wrap up high school and begin his next chapter after graduation.  I know it hasn’t been the senior year that any of the class of 2020 predicted for themselves.  I pray this time will be redeemed and things you never imagined possible are grown in you on this forced lockdown! 

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