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JDP senior model Anna welcoming spring

When the world started to tip off its axis a few weeks ago, I raced to schedule several of my JDP senior models in bonus model shoots so they could get opportunities to model and for us to create something fabulous..fearing the looming reality we are in now in:  quarantine.

JDP senior Anna was one of the models who was able to join us back when we were at social distancing stage of this Corona virus and I’m so grateful as I’ve been a few weeks now without shooting!  (with the exception of my poor senior son Tad who has the never ending senior portrait experiences lately!  I will be ready to share his in the near future!)  Soon I may have to begin delving into self portrait work!

The whipping wind made for an exquisite gorgeousness for Anna!  Welcome spring!

2020 seniors are so heavy on my heart.  In case you missed our announcement–in my heartbreak over all they are losing, we have decided to bless all of our 2020 JDP seniors with a portrait time in their prom outfits, regardless of whether there is an actual prom or not.  We know there are lots of dresses hanging out in closets waiting to be worn!  Each 2020 JDP senior will get a time slot in studio to create just as soon as we are allowed! We will put 3 of their portraits into production on our fine art papers for them.  Then this summer we are going to gather as many of the 2020s as we are allowed to and jump in a trampoline with colored holi powder while I photograph and the kids make videos!  It’s going to be incredible!!  More details to follow once the state let’s us know we can proceed! 

So glad you could join me Anna–you are a treasure! xo

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