Jennifer & Ottoniel -

Jennifer & Ottoniel

Ever wonder how our paths cross with people over and over and then one day they become inexplicably entwined to build a great love story?  Jennifer and Ottoniel’s paths crossed 4x over 8 years.  They noticed one another each time.  First time he was playing and singing at a church Jennifer was visiting, the next time, Ottoniel was playing at a different church.  The third time he was playing at her church and then lastly at a car repair shop.  Two years passed in between each encounter and their busy lives just kept racing along. They joke with one another that the last time they saw each other (prior to starting to date), Jennifer was in her pj’s at a car repair shop early in the morning.  She realizes that may have had something to do with why Ottoniel did not approach her that day! 😉

Lastly, the crossing of paths that led to their relationship start up came about on-line via FB.  Now 15 months later they are preparing to pledge themselves, before God, for all the rest of their days.

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Jennifer and Ottoniel are adorable together and both incredibly hard workers.  Both have come here from Guatemala and started their own businesses.  They pride themselves on delivering excellence to their clients.  They are surrounded by a loving network of family members who cheer them on and do life together in work and play.

Ottoniel is a romantic and made sure his bride to be was surprised when he asked for her hand in marriage.  He planned a sight seeing day trip to DC for them.  Jennifer was seated on top of his car admiring the Washington monument when he approached her with a bundle of roses and a request to marry him.  We’re here today because she jumped up and said yes!  A moment Ottoniel won’t ever forget!

They marked the momentous time by getting a selfie with the Washington monument in the background.  Ottoniel was blown away by Jennifer’s response and had a hard time describing it in English.  Jennifer however, did not for him.  She said he was very nervous, naturally, as just about every guy is when they pop the question! 

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Today they wonder why they didn’t talk over all those years.  They could kick themselves for waiting an extra 8 years to find this love.  But ultimately, they trust the Lord’s perfect timing for their lives.  They both are very aware of His presence in their lives and are grateful for the path He has them on.

When they did start talking via text, Jennifer knew right away she liked how Ottoniel treated her.  He respected her and was great to talk with.  It was little things like sending her a “good morning” message each day before work that began to melt her heart.  Recently when Ottoniel left his phone charger at a side job, she didn’t get her customary messages from him and got worried.  She had no idea what was wrong…they laugh about it now.  Something tells me Ottoniel will be texting Jennifer good morning throughout their whole life…

Jennifer waited until the Lord brought her the man she’s been praying for for many years.  She would not settle for less and His hand of blessing is upon them both as they seek His will in their marriage this September 12th!  They honor the Lord in their lives and their love and we cannot wait to celebrate this blessed union!  Click here to contact us about your own custom portraits.

  1. Tracie says:

    These are such gorgeous portraits and we are so happy for you both!!

  2. Joyce DiDio says:

    To you both,
    Congratulations on your engagement. Very happy for you two. This gallery is wonderful, Jennifer has made the obvious love you have for one another visible to us all.
    Mrs. Joyce

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