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JDP senior Allie

She’s a lover of all things pink and I had an absolute blast creating with JDP senior Allie!  This girl strives for a pink out in just about all she buys.  Don’t let the pink fool you though, this girl is tough as nails on the court, in her Aunt Pearl basketball shoes!

We cracked up when Allie’s mom saw the text from her brother Wes during her session, ‘make sure she doesn’t forget her Aunt Pearl’s’.  Mom was confused and we wondered why Aunt Pearl was coming to her senior portrait time and who was Aunt Pearl anyway!  Allie filled us in about her beloved basketball shoe line up she’d brought!  How cool that the shoes have wings on them!  Allie selected this dress you see above and below from our studio wardrobe and we decided to play on the theme of the athlete flying through the air on the court!  It’s clear this girl’s got wings to fly and she’s going to incredible places through this life!

Allie is a serious athlete and her eyes are on the prize to play ball in college.  Lots of D3 schools have been scouting her and she’s not sure which one will ultimately be her pick.  She’s grown up making wonderful memories playing on her driveway court with her dad, which ended in a loss of a tooth one day, but don’t worry, family dentist friend Dr. Thompson fixed her up!  While evaluating the busted tooth, Dr. Thompson said, ‘I don’t think we are going to be able to fix it.’  He was referring to the original tooth but as an 8 year old she thought he meant she was going to have to go toothless!  “you ruined my life!” she cried…they can laugh about it now, especially since she has such a beautiful smile! 

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There’s a sweet camaraderie between Allie and her mom, dad and brother.  Dad’s been her coach in life and on the court.  Mom’s been her sidekick and hair straightener.  Wes even came to help gaffer for her outdoor portrait time after a rain storm caused a reschedule for that segment. 

I’ve realized one of my absolute favorite things to do in portrait production is to create timeless fine art portraits with our JDP seniors.  The plan was to feature these in a fine art show to celebrate our studio’s 10 year anniversary this fall…that plan’s on hold likely for a 10+1 celebration next fall, thanks Covid!  Showing these incredible athletes (who often tell me they don’t know the first thing about hair and make-up) themselves as a work of art worthy of a museum, brings me great joy.  I tell the seniors my goal is create what they are hoping for and in ways they never imagined themselves.  I just love that we get girl in the meadow, on the court and girl on a museum wall in the same session!

Below is the sneak peek I sent Allie and she loved it…she also let me know that somehow Seal (singer most known for his ‘Kiss from a Rose’ song and years of marriage to supermodel Heidi Klum) saw her portrait on her IG story!?!  We’ve yet to figure out how that happened, but super cool!

Allie is also a cat lover and I mean cat lover in the serious way that she volunteers at a cat shelter with her mom.  So of course we had to include Reese in her portrait time!  Reese may or may not have been thrilled about leaving home to do so, but survived no worse for the wear! 

Allie keeps her conditioning with Cross Country to stay in excellent shape for basketball season, which essentially is year round for her with her play on Mid Atlantic Legacy team.  She’s made incredible memories playing ball, but so far the best is hitting a game winning 3 in 8th grade when she was playing an 8-10th grade team!  This first team all county shooter has many more game winners in her future, I’m quite sure! 

Allie, I cannot wait to see what your future holds!  It’s clear how deeply you are loved and that love has given you roots to ground you and wings to soar high!!  Click here if you are considering your own custom portraits.

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