Princess Kara and Brooklyn -

Princess Kara and Brooklyn

That I could create like this for every mother and daughter out there…my deepest desire…perhaps one day on the other side of eternity Jesus will commission me to do just that!  There’s something about the tenderness of a mother and child and me channeling my inner Mary Cassat that seems to make time stop in the most precious way.

Kara felt the time fleeting with her precious Brooklyn.  She’s seeing her grow by leaps and bounds and desires most to freeze time a bit…Alas the days that hold our greatest joys and our greatest sorrows–they all get exactly 24 hours, no more, no less despite millions of pleas for just that.

Kara knows in just a few short years Brooklyn will likely tower over her.  She wants to remember the little girl who fit so snugly in her arms.  She  wants to be taken back to these moments that remind us that every deposit of love we make is an investment for generations to come.  That when we empty ourselves out in the love we pour into those the Lord has entrusted us with, we are somehow filled to overflowing by some great miracle. 

Kara desires to remember her animal loving, horseback riding, dancing, cheering spunky little girl who just can’t wait to grow up.  While Kara’s trying to stop the clock, Brooklyn’s already imagining the young woman she’ll become.  She’s already projecting forward to her senior portraits and says I’ll be creating for her in a gown while she’s on horseback–I can’t wait! 

Click here to inquire about your own custom portraits.

Click here to inquire about your own custom portraits.

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