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JDP senior Grace

Meet JDP senior Grace who epitomizes her namesake and is a joy to all who get to do life with her.  She’s a gentle quiet soul who chases after the best in life with a determination of excellence.

I’ve known Grace’s family for many years now from time spent at holiday parties.  I’m so impressed by the young woman that she’s grown into.  There’s a great deal swirling in that active mind of hers and those patient enough to still themselves to hear her in the midst of the loud chaos that often is life.

Grace excels in her academics.  And by excel I mean she’s never seen a B.  Mom describes her as the kid whose face is always in a book, which would explain the straight A’s!  She also finds her outlet in the arts with drawing and painting.  She’s not sure where this will point her in a career, but it’s pretty clear her commitment to excellence in all she does and her creativity will make her an incredible asset to whatever career path she chooses.

Grace has played soccer and basketball since she was 5 years old.  It is her chance to unleash her inner beast that often has people shaking their head in amazement–‘is that the same Grace?’  While she’s a quiet, gentle demeanor off the court/field, on the court/field she’s fierce, she’s confident, she’s aggressive and powerful.  She’s  been the #1 3 point shooter for her basketball team and loves the challenge in pushing herself to achieve on the boards.

Grace sets herself apart in life in another way.  She snail mailed a lovely note to myself and my whole team who assisted on her session.  Snail mail—from a teenager!?!?  I have lots of lovely cards and saved messaged from clients over the years…this however, was the first snail mail card from a teenager!  She noticed all the little details of what we had done to make her day special and for that we say “Thank you Grace a million times over!!  Your future looks so bright and we are cheering you on as you prepare to soar dear one!!” 


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