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JDP senior Emily

Best friendships are a lifeline for many.  JDP senior Emily is one of those people.  As I got to know Emily at her pre-consult planning meeting, her mom mentioned Emily and Lexi were like the same person in 2 different bodies.  I definitely noticed the similarities!  I got to know Lexi last year as we celebrated her senior portrait time together so how cool that these two get to share this in their life as well!   

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Emily is a fun spirited soul who is dancing her way through life.  Her first love is tap, second place goes to hip hop and then jazz takes third.  Pointe is a new venture for her and so lovely to lock it down in portraits for her! 

Over the quarantine I was committed to a lot of boring behind the scenes business necessities and one major creative one.  I wanted to learn how to create this style of stroboscopic portrait!  Couldn’t wait to get a dancer in to practice it with!  In the interim I had to be the fill in with my best dance moves…I’m gonna let that sink in for a hot minute.  Thank God for Emily to save the day!;)

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We like to call this set up ‘when you are trying to create a gorgeous portrait and your 4 legged BFF Fletcher moves in to steal the show!’  Fletcher was a blast in studio and out on the grounds!

Emily hopes to study Psychology in college because her desire is to work with kids and help them navigate the struggles of life.  Her tender heart and kind spirit will be a blessing to the kids lives she steps into.

Aside from dance, Emily expresses her artistic self through drawing, painting, watercolors and stencils.  There is something about her here that stops me in my tracks and makes me want to hang her on a wall in a museum featuring artists working in their mediums.

Emily ended in the water to create these stunners– made it worth it to ruin her fabulous hair styling!  I realized after the fact that Emily crushed through each set up so quickly (thanks to all that dance training) so we were able to get through more outfits than typical!  Score for fast changers! 

Special message from Lexi to Emily: “I wish you the best of luck in your senior year.  I miss you lots!  You are kind, funny, and a beautiful person inside and out!  I love you!”  Click here to contact us about your own custom portraits.

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