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JDP seniors Grant & Paige

I have 3 teenagers.  Despite the fact that this is what I do for a living, capturing priceless moments like this of your young adult children gets more and more challenging as they get older.  I thought it was challenging when they were all toddlers!  So I acutely understand how priceless moments like this are to my mom clients.  Typical teen challenges in a home make moments like this elusive and the odds of capturing them on film are like winning the lotto.   As moms we are often forced to rely on our memory to mull over these moments that are precious gold to us. 

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Grant and Paige are Dawn’s treasured joys in this life.  They are the apple of her eye and she is cheering them on in this next phase of life as they prepare to launch.  Grant and Paige are just two of the class of 2020 seniors who have had a whole lot taken from them this pandemic year.  Paige had already had her senior portraits done prior to the pandemic and Grant had opted out, despite his mom’s urgings.  Then Covid canceled the white tux plans for portraits at Mount Saint Joe’s and Paige didn’t get her senior prom, although this exquisite dress had already been purchased.  So mom requested we bring this all together in portraits for her kids.

Grant and Paige have had the typical sibling rivalries as they approach life very differently which is often a recipe for fireworks.  Mom’s heart has been overjoyed lately as she’s seen that gap between them close and them begin to step into each other’s lives in ways that is precious to her.  Mom’s heart is tender so this a precious gift for her to receive as they prepare to enter college.

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Our time creating for the kids together was sweet and filled with a lot of laughter.  Paige brought Ollie into the mix who soaked up all the extra attention from his humans.  Grant’s senior portraits will be featured in an upcoming blog!  I joked with Grant during his shoot, ‘I know you didn’t want to do this, but you’ll be glad you did when you see your portraits.’  He said, “Oh, I’m already glad I did this!”   (lesson I’ve learned from all my mom clients of boys–you pretty much have to make them come, they will fight you on it, but they are always glad after the fact!)

Best wishes on your next steps Grant and Paige!  You two were a blast and I’m grateful to have been a part of redeeming what you’ve lost this 2020 grad year!  May your next steps be filled with bold adventure and gracious gifting!

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  1. Julie says:

    Beautiful pictures.

  2. Jeanne Bowman says:

    Stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  3. dena roland says:

    So beautiful lovely pictures love them so gorgeous

  4. […] JDP senior Grant was a reluctant one…like just about every guy who comes through the door!  I was only fortunate enough to create for him because his white tux portraits at Mount Saint Joe’s were canceled, like sooo many things lately, due to Covid-19. He reluctantly agreed to have portraits created because of his fervent love of Mount Saint Joe’s and all their traditions.  Click here to see Grant with his sister Paige in their formal wear. […]

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