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JDP senior Nick

This last baseball season was supposed to be JDP senior Nick’s year.  Like so many senior athletes, it was going to be his year to break all his records…only baseball, along with sooo many other things, was canceled under the pall of Covid-19.

Just last week Nick hit his first homerun on a big field…his dad was anticipating seeing 6 or 7 of them from Nick during for his senior year.  It’s what he’d been training for all these years playing for the South Carroll Cavaliers and the Maryland Cardinals.   Nick has grown up playing fellow JDP senior Brett since they were both little league guys.  And now they are both headed off to play in college.  

Pretty cool that we have 3 JDP seniors from the class of 2020 who will be playing baseball in college–Nick, Brett and Adam!

Nick is fortunate that he was recruited prior to the cancellation of his senior baseball season.  Nick is officially in training to play baseball for Frostburg now and just moved on campus last week.  Nick doesn’t just love to play the game, but he loves collecting Inception baseball cards.  He requested some of his portraits be loaded with color inspired by that style and fell in love with what we created.

Nick is an only child and mom and dad are soaking in all their lasts with their boy.  They were both at his session and were happy to help create the water pieces making memories throwing water at Nick during the creation!

Lest you think Nick may be just another jock whose all brawn, this kid has plans to get his BS in accounting and an MBA.  His senior year he worked at an internship preparing cost sheets for jobs.  Not bad, getting paid during your senior school year!  Nick is persuasive in a light hearted and kind manner.  He convinced his school to allow a field trip to Medieval Times after preparing spread sheets to document the costs and plans for the trip.  This kid is the perfect blend of business and baseball!

Lastly, this was a surprise piece to honor Nick’s love of the game and how he honors people through this life.  I am loving this new stroboscopic technique I’ve introduced in the last few weeks for my JDP senior athletes and dancers.  Nick, we are cheering you on as you train and prepare for your spring season that will be right around the corner!  Here’s to many homeruns in your future!

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