Naganna Sisters

I am on a perpetual search for the amazing in portrait production-it fuels my hours spent weekly in training for over 15 years now.  It’s also what compelled me to rent a few lenses to demo that I was considering adding to my line up of Nikon glass.

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Lens Rentals hooked me up with some pretty incredible glass for a few days.  I decided to offer a few clients who were in active workflow bonus time to their session to run these lenses through the rigors of typical sessions in a variety of settings.  Clients were eager to participate, which ultimately led to even more options when it was time for them to make their selections.

Beautiful Leila and Rina jumped at the offer and I’m thrilled that it worked out for them to have this extended time.  The quiet joy and bond of sisterhood displayed in these portraits brings great joy to my creating soul.  Watching these two giggle with one another and cheer one another on just reinforced to me that this is bond that should always be locked down for them to cherish.

(The swarm of gnats above Rina’s head led to hilarious reactions from her in our behind the scenes coverage!)

I coordinated with mom and we all met at the studio to select wardrobe that complimented the vision I had for the girls.  Then we ventured to their farm, where we created their family portraits just two days prior. 

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The Naganna farm provides endless inspiration!  At the close we stepped into one of the girls’ favorite places, their river, to step into a more surreal world for a fine art piece creation.  Karen and Shankar are thrilled with what we have created and are eager to enjoy these on their walls very soon!

Thank you for being brave Leila and Rina and trusting that we would step away with something amazing from our time together!  You two rock! The Naganna family portraits will be featured on our blog in the week ahead.  Click here to contact us about your own custom portraits.

  1. Vimala Naganna says:

    They are our beautiful grand daughters , the natural beauty went along with their personalities , it is great that you chose the perfect beauties, you did a great job ,we wish you the great success in your profession, I definitely keep you in our thoughts to reach you when we need ,

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