Madison and Aubrey -

Madison and Aubrey

Can it get even more precious than this?!? The Laney family was on the books for family portraits (which will be featured on our blog tomorrow) when I rented several lenses to demo in a variety of typical shooting scenarios.  They were one of the clients I reached out to to offer some bonus creative time to.  They were game to have the girls come to studio and I am sooo glad they did!!

This fall marks our studio’s 10 year anniversary–I can barely even believe it although I’ve said it a lot lately!  To celebrate, our plan was to host a fine art show featuring some of our JDP senior girls from the last 2 years who we have begun their sessions with a timeless piece.   Covid has put that on hold…but I mention it because I have plans for the next show to feature young children like you see here. These timeless pieces have captured my heart.  Our hope is that we will host our first show next year for a 10 plus 1 celebration!;)


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We progressed outside for Madison and Aubrey to play with their dolls, tell secrets and giggle about some mischief that’s only shared between sisters.

Lastly is a piece I worked a painterly post production on to capture the timelessness of the moment that will be a surprise for Shannon and Joe when they see it here…my favorite are always the caught moments between children because we get to imagine and remember ourselves at this age…and this will take them back to these moments long after the girls have discarded their dolls…may this flood them with the hours and hours they spent imagining together as they look back on it as adults…

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