Broadwater granddaughters

I met Dr. Broadwater, aka Papa Doc at the Taste of Carroll Hospice fundraiser we help to support every year.  Dr. Broadwater has a private practice and in the tradition of what used to be common place, he still makes house calls!  Unheard of in today’s world of medicine!  He was intrigued by what we create for our Unveil your Cinderella sessions.  After some discussion he decided he’d like to have this princess style day for his three beautiful granddaughters.

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First came Ella who is the protective big sister for her family.  She’s the creative, dancing, movie making, picture taking, jump roping phenom of the bunch.  She also happens to hold a record for hula hooping for a grand total of 31 minutes and 7 seconds!  She shared several videos she had created with a very thoughtful approach of her sister’s tricks.  I couldn’t help thinking, this girl could some day be a film maker…what was Steven Spielberg like at this age?

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Next came Elliana who is the fire cracker, perpetual gleam in her eyes, silly, lover of all things gymnastics.  She provides the cartwheels and handstands for Ella to create iPhone movies of all day long.  No matter what she’s doing or talking about, there is always that sparkle in her eyes as though she’s scanning the horizons for adventure to dive into!

And then there’s Elonna, who they all affectionately call Nibs because she likes to have little nibbles of snacks all day long.  She’s hot on her sisters heels to keep up and be a big girl right along side them in all they do!  Both Ella and Elli are protective of this little adorable nugget!

The girls all had such a wonderful time trying to outfits they’d wear for their portrait time and soaked in every single facet of their special Unveil your Cinderella day! They were quick to add in suggestions of how to make their portraits special.  They also shared their adventures with their new kitten they’d be taking back to North Carolina. 

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These girls love their Momma and Daddy and Papa Doc!  Mom had these special shirts to surprise dad with a treasure locked down of his greatest treasure.

Such a joy to lock down these princesses who will all too soon be launching into their next stage of life!  To reach out re your own custom portraits, click here to contact us.

  1. Dr Ron Broadwater MD says:

    This collection was so beautiful and it will be so memorable thru the yrs! We can’t thank you for your professionalism n kindness thru the effort enough! Our best to you and those that you’re acquainted with during the yrs.

    • Jennifer DiDio says:

      We are so glad you brought these precious sweetpeas to us…it will be the blink of an eye before they are teenagers, making this all the more precious to all your family!;)

  2. Dr Ron Broadwater md says:

    Such a nice collage of these young gals that will leave lasting memories to all who knew them n themselves. A wonderful work by a living artistic person. May she too be remembered for you love that she made possible by a talent few have !

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