Happy Mother’s Day 2021

Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there who is filled with joy she can hardly contain and those who are barely hanging on.  To the moms who are bubbling over and those who are poured out.  Surely this job, filled with the greatest highs and lows you can never fully prepare for, changes our world exponentially.  We empty ourselves out and into the blessings the Lord sees fit to deposit into our lives with a reckless abandon.  This abandon assures our children they are loved, even when they wish it may be a little less!  Our deposits are for them and the generations to come who will be blessed by our love without limits.  I want to bless those mothers today by featuring what makes their heart beat a little quicker and reminds them it’s all worth it.  Moms move heaven and earth to keep portrait traditions going in their families so there is always a record of what we loved most in this life, even when it seems insignificant to others.  May this bless you and thank you for trusting me to lock down your heart!

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