JDP senior Robert

Meet JDP senior Robert who is one of our last 2021 graduates we are wrapping up with just prior to graduation!  Robert has been playing football for 9 years and currently serves as a kicker for his team at Calvert High.  He’s been playing varsity since his freshman year.  He shared the team motto: “One heart, one beat, one soul” and loves the focus on unity and camraderie the players on his team share.

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Robert’s thankful for the season he just wrapped, knowing how many seniors didn’t get one, but sad that it was only 5 games long.  He’s grateful for the transition he was able to make many years ago bringing his big boot soccer foot to football.  He still plays soccer as well, but football has stolen the lion’s share of his heart.

Robert would like to continue to play in college and plans to be seen by some coaches at upcoming camps, but recognizes the opportunities for athletes to be seen in these very abbreviated seasons is a limiting factor.

Robert serves his team by kicking field goals and kick offs.

Robert’s got a winning smile that delayed his senior portrait time a bit.  He was waiting to get his braces off.  I’d say it was worth the wait! 😉

Robert, like just about every teen aged boy who darkens my doorstep, is a gamer.  Call of Duty is his favorite and likely what you can find him doing when he’s not on the athletic field or at Mom and Pop’s a convenience store where he holds a job.

Robert has recently signed with MMG to model and is excited about the opportunities that might open for him.  It’s a family affair for the Page’s as he is joining his siblings in this pursuit of modeling jobs at NYMMG. 


We featured a piece of Robert’s art work he created years ago in this cool scene that speaks to the artist soul.

Robert certainly has the runway build so I’m eager to see what his next steps are with NYMMG!  We wish you all the best Robert and it was wonderful to create your senior portraits showing your love of sports and the arts!!  Keep creating and reaching for the best life has to offer you!

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