JDP senior dancer Joey, pt. 2

This “gallery full of magic and mystery” as Joey proclaimed, continues with part 2 of his blog feature.   If you missed part one, you can find it by clicking here.  The breath of the set ups we covered in his session are a testament to his training and discipline as a dancer.  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

Joey’s expression of dance is all about moving feelings and emotions from the inside to an outward expression that engages the viewer.  He exudes power, fluidity, grace and an emptying of himself as he moves.  It’s a customary sight to see his viewer entranced on the edge of their seats and eagerly anticipating what will come next in his performance. 

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A dance is a success for Joey if he and the viewer is moved and there is connection emotionally with the power of his expression.  This is part of why traditional ballet which demands for stoic roles for men, is not his favorite.  Although clearly, he excels at any form of dance placed before him.

Joey’s time at The Baltimore School for the Arts has allowed him to grow his craft in ways he only dreamed about when he was younger.  The next stage of Joey’s dance life will continue at the college level.  

Joey was accepted into a host of dance programs and has just recently made the decision to attend George Mason University.  Their exclusive dance program offers spots to only 20 dancers a year.  This allows them to customize the attention and training in ways that he will certainly thrive.  Just as astounding as being admitted into this exclusive program is the fact that he received a full tuition scholarship as well! 

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Re his plans post college, Joey would like to work with a company that travels the world.  He also hopes to study abroad while at George Mason.  The arts culture has a more established long standing tradition throughout Europe which makes that dream seem very promising in becoming his reality.

When he is older, Joey hopes to work as a choreographer and dance teacher.  He’s hoping to help grow the love of dance in others like the teachers who have poured into him throughout his life.

Joey’s family could not be more excited or proud of these next steps for him.  They have been cheering him on since day 1 and have no plans for that to ever change.  His sister hopes to be following in his footsteps to attend Baltimore School for the Arts as well.

Joey is an easy kid to cheer along because he is an absolute delight to do life with.  The time I’ve spent getting to know him has been laced with equal parts joy, laughter, intensity, kindness, beauty and wide eyed wonder.  Isn’t that the very epitome of an artist?  I resonate well with this temperament!  May this always characterize your life every step of the way along your journey Joey!  We are all cheering you on and waiting to throw the roses on the biggest stages in your future!

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  1. Mindy Milstein says:

    The energy that these photos capture is astounding!

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