JDP senior Tatum

Meet JDP senior Tatum who is one of our last class of 2021’s getting in right before graduation!  Tatum’s graduating from South Carroll High next week and is eagerly anticipating this next phase of life at Salisbury University.  Tatum will be playing lacrosse there and has been staying active on the fields despite a hip surgery that’s sidelined her from contact for a little longer.

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She’s been rehabbing and eager to get back to full contact play asap.  Tatum started getting serious with lacrosse as a 4th grader.  She loves the fluidity of the game, noting that girls lacrosse has a finesse to it while boys lacrosse is a lot rougher.  The boys dog-pile and the girls are finesse. 

Tatum plays attacks and is obsessed with a love for shooting on goal.  I could see that quite clearly as she went through her moves in studio.  This girl has moves!  There is an intensity and beauty to her motions that is amazing to watch. 

Tatum is all business when it comes to lacrosse.  She has a mental checklist she goes through when she’s shooting on goal and is constantly running through it all as she moves the ball across the field.  These are the kind of attributes that seem to make a college level athlete.

It’s an interesting world we live in because the average person would look at this blonde haired blue eyed beauty and never imagine the level of ferocity she brings to the field.  I love that kind of surprise in life!  Her team won the State championship her sophomore year of high school, a memory she’ll always be able to enjoy looking back in life.

The dedication Tatum displays with lacrosse is similar to how she approaches everything she sets her mind to.  She was an all-county flute player till lacrosse demands took over.  She continued with her private lessons for as long as she could; however, it’s pretty much impossible for a student to compete for the high school team and club team AND as an all-county musician. 

Tatum’s got a smile and joy about her that lights up every room she graces.  She’s cherished by so many and that was quite obvious from the time I spent with her.  Salisbury is going to be lucky to have her representing them.

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Tatum kept it a priority to support her brother’s athletic pursuits as well.  He’s currently a college soccer player and she was part of his regular cheering section.  As a college athlete it would seem he set the bar pretty high for Tatum and she has risen to meet it!

Tatum’s in NHS and science NHS as well.  Her love of science led her to pursue bio-medical training at the career tech center which she hopes will help prepare her for a career in forensics.

I can’t wait to see what your next steps are dear one!  May they be filled with all the joy you bring to those in your life!  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

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