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JDP senior Alyssa

JDP senior Alyssa officially marks the last of our class of 2021 seniors and graduation is just days around the corner for most of them!

Alyssa attends FSK for just a few short more days and has made her best memories on the volleyball courts there.  One of her best friends, Regan got her hooked on the sport when she was 13.  She loves the fast paced competition and the relationships that have brought her so much joy and wonderful memories.

Alyssa is a labero on her team and you’ll spot her on the court quickly as she wears a different color jersey from the rest of her team.   Her chief desire for coming for portraits was to get killer volleyball portraits to lock down even more all she accomplished on the courts of her highschool and travel teams.

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One of her next other biggest loves weighs in at at more than she does–and that’s Jaxx her black lab who is 5 but still has the energy of a puppy!  He’s hyper, dopey, loving and sweet and Alyssa wouldn’t want him any other way!  He certainly was excited to be in studio and was eager to check everything out!

Alyssa and her mom travel together to follow all their favorite musicians on tour whenever they are able.  As you can imagine they are soooo eager to get back to concerts again!  She’s seen Sean Mendez, Harry Styles, 5 Seconds of Summer, Luke Bryan, Halsey just to name a few.  Once back stage for a meet and greet for a Sean Mendez concert, she got a chance to talk to him.  He picked her to ask a questions and called her “glasses” which caught his attention and she knew would help her chances to get picked~clever girl! 😉

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When she’s not on the courts, she’s busy at one of her 3 jobs!  She works at Dunkin Donuts, babysits and helps in her mom’s cleaning business as well.  She understands well that if you want something in life, you are going to have to work for it.  She hopes to be a vet one day.  Caring for all her cats and Jaxx is a great start!

So here’s to the countless hours of blood, sweat and tears you have poured in for the last 5 years for your love of volleyball!  I hope it continues to be a sport that makes some of your best memories and challenges you in ways you never imagined Alyssa!  Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

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