JDP senior Bella

Meet JDP senior Bella whose love for life, her people and her Jeep is large.  I have watched her grow into such an incredible young woman over the last few years and it’s been an honor to lock down her senior portraits.  She’s an old soul wrapped up inside an adorable teen package.  She took the lead on inquiring re her senior portraits and then followed up, filling her mom in on what she was hoping to do.


Bella attends Westminster High and works at Celebree child care center for almost 2 years now.  Her boss is one of her BFF’s and she adores the children, so being there 5 days a week is a joy for her.  She takes an active interest in the families whose children she helps to care for.  Bella’s the one to organize fundraisers for families battling illness.  She makes sure struggling families have resources to take care of their children and she gives of her own money and time to make sure people she cares about have the necessities in life.

Bella won’t be the one to tell you this, she’s humble in her pursuit of what’s best and right in this world.  She’s a doer and it appears she gets that from her mom.  Bella and Dawn are eager to jump in with both feet to bring help and healing where it’s needed most in life. 

Now her sisters are going to give it to her about this Bella building, since they say Bella is the favorite, but it’s actually named for the owner’s dog that passed away.  Just so happens her mom has a boutique shop LUX right there as well!

Bella’s future plans include attending Carroll Community College to start a nursing career.  She’d like to end up serving the most vulnerable in the NICU.  She’s hopeful to get into this program at Career Tech for her senior year. Reminds me of former JDP senior Meghan’s path towards nursing in the NICU and that’s exactly where she is today at Un. of MD hospital!

Bella’s a caregiver and has been front and center for her dad’s fight with cancer over the last year and a half.  She’s been cheering him on and his #1 nurse at home while he receives his lengthy and involved treatment.   She’s gotten her start early with the shots she gave her dad, the iv medicines she helped to administer and the help with recovery after multiple lengthy surgeries.  Seems she’s so suited to this career as a future nurse and her patients will be blessed by her care! 

She’s also a pretty mean baker and charcuterie board maker which is how she’s likely spending her time when she’s not enjoying her adorable nephew Ryle!  She’s over the moon about him and actually wanted him to be in her senior portrait time!  Mom encouraged her to let this one day be about her.


This former JDP senior Garrett has also stolen a sizable chunk of Bella’s heart!  They’ve been dating 3 years now and he came along to assist on her session.  He did a fabulous job as a lighting and smoke bomb assistant, boot remover and gun handler!

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