JDP senior Luke

JDP senior Luke came to portrait time with the chief aim of making his mom happy.  And he’s the kind of guy who has a big heart and a grin equally sized to match, so it was no surprise.  It’s important to him to make sure the people he loves are happy and cared for.  His friends know him to be quick to have their back and value his loyalty.  He knew we’d create cool portraits for him because we’d done so for his brother Eli 2 years ago.  Mom’s been eager to see what we would create for her Luke.

Luke’s spent a lot of time hunting with his dad and I can’t help but think of about 4 country songs right now as I think of the memories they’ve made together over the years in blinds and camouflage.  Hope’s family was one of my first families I created for almost 12 years ago!  So how cool to see the latest chronicle in the story of Bill and Hope’s family!

Often when we talk about starting in a formal look in the pre-consult planning meeting, the guys envision what they did at the school for the yearbook and are less than thrilled.  I promise them it’ll be much cooler than that–think editorial men’s cologne ad…GQ cover…and Luke nailed it!

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Luke is a competitive athlete who has taken his training seriously over the years.  Between his 8th and 9th grade year, just as he turned 14 he competed in his first sprint triathlon!  He placed 3rd in his age group and 30th out of 140!  He was one of the youngest to compete and felt just a little sore the next day!  He started running with the Eldersburg Arrows program and it spurred him on to compete in the triathlon.

Luke’s a member of the lacrosse team and cross country team at Liberty High.  He’s a long stick midfielder and close defense in lacrosse and loves the game.  His youth was spent training on the football fields, but he left football behind realizing his build was going to be a better match for the lax fields and cross country trails.  He started playing lax at 5 years old as a part of an inaugural Eldersburg club team called Revolution.  Later he played for MDX.  He started running in middle school and never looked back.  He credits the coaching staff at Liberty High School for being top notch and helping to grow him into the athlete he is today.

One of the most valuable things to Luke in cross country is the camaraderie amongst the team.  He says it’s been invaluable to him.  Having witnessed this camaraderie first hand for years, I thoroughly agree.  Watching runners cheer each other on creates an atmosphere that is charged with an energy that’s hard to describe unless you’ve been a part of it. Luke considered continuing his running career in college until he saw what the summer training looks like for college runners…so much running it needs to be broken up into two segments everyday.

Luke plays lax in the spring and his speed and endurance grown in cross country season is a huge asset to him.  Like so many kids, Luke a lot of his drive during the quarantine so his running regimine took a big hit.  However, he found he could still easily run 4 or 5 miles at the drop of a hat even after not training for a year!  Ahhh, youth! 😉

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Luke also works at the Cattail Creek Country Club over the summer where he’s a part of the green department helping to maintain the course.  He’s learned the balance of work/play which will be an asset to him through life.

We closed with simulating a run like so many of the cross country courses.  Luke knows each of the courses well- every serious runner does and his favorite is his home course at Liberty.  Luke, you were an absolute delight!  I see why your mom jokes that you have to live at home forever.  You bring a passion for life mixed with joy that is contagious and a blessing to all who get to do life with you!  Can’t wait to see what your next steps lead to in life!

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