JDP senior Gavin

JDP senior Gavin is a stand out young man in so many ways.  He’s a bit of an old soul in a young body with his approach to life, wrapped in humor and boisterous energy that’ll keep you cracking up laughing all day long.  The DeWees family sure knows how to raise superstar kids!  While his brother and sister have gone on to be college athletes, Gavin has made his mark in the small business that began when he was just 13 mowing lawns.   Four years later his business has grown markedly and I’d say he’s on his way to building a landscaping empire!

Gavin laughs when he thinks back at the start of his business how he was eager to take any job offered to him.  It didn’t take him long to realize some jobs aren’t worth the time and aggravation.  Today he knows exactly what kinds of jobs he wants and those are the ones he chases after.  He even has friends come alongside him in his busy season.  Not only his friends, but sometimes his dad works right alongside him as well!

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Gavin weighs the cost of materials, the labor involved and the desirability of a job before accepting any work.  He’s got a few yard signs advertising his services and a Craiglist ad, but his word of mouth referral base provides the lion share of work keeping him as busy as he wants to be.  Currently, he’s debating the merit of a billboard to market his services and approaching that decision as a businessman would.

Watching Gavin whip this big rig of truck and trailer around left me pretty impressed and jaw dropped.  He pulled right into a parking spot, accurately judging where to line up his rig with precision that belies his 17 years.

Gavin’s been taking to the court, following in the tradition of loving basketball that runs so strong in his family.  He loves the game as well and has played since he was a little guy and will take the courts for his final senior year as a Maverick.

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Gavin’s next steps after graduation likely involve seeking admittance to the fire academy to make his profession as a firefighter.  Gavin is salt of the earth kind of kid who looks to take care of those in his circle and keep them safe, so I’m not surprised by his career choice.

This young man loves his country and wanted that to be expressed loud and clear in his portraits.  I am heartened by how many seniors want to make it very evident that they love our country and stand for the red, white and blue and the freedom it represents, paid for by the sacrifice of untold number of great men and women lives.


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I encourage all my JDP seniors to start their sessions in formal wear to help bridge the gap mentally in portrait between the teenager they are and the young man they are becoming.  They are often hesitant, but always end up loving what we have created for them.

Gavin looking all GQ to close out his formal segment.  Gavin, you are an absolute delight to all who get to do life with you!  You keep everyone on their toes and laughing.  The energy you bring to life is contagious and I applaud your choice of continuing the family tradition in career path of caring for the people of our community!  I wish you all the best!   Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

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