Expectant Amanda

Amanda is 3 weeks away from meeting her much anticipated and deeply loved little girl.  This precious baby is eagerly awaited by her daddy and two big sisters as well. Click here to contact us re your own custom portraits.

I am constantly amazed at the miracle of how a woman’s body is able to transform to grow life.  Nothing brings us closer to identifying with God’s ability to create life than childbirth.   Amanda is such a gentle joyful soul and I could see this portrait time held a special meaning for her just a few minutes into our pre consult planning meeting.

Amanda’s due date is October 19th, which is also the date she lost her last baby to a miscarriage.  Likely, her intense grief and exuberant joy will do a complicated dance with one another that will leave her very emotional.  Without a doubt, life has taught me that grief and joy can equally co-exist with one another.  Amanda is celebrating this baby girl after the loss of two babies prior to this pregnancy.  Her rainbow baby is much prayed for and reminds her to believe and trust the Lord for His timing in all things.   

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Amanda was radiant and didn’t miss a beat keeping up with all the outfit changes to lock down this precious time for her forever.  She’s so grateful for the opportunity to create in ways that will always take her back to this expectant joy that flooded her heart.

This gentle soul has a sassy side as well and she even brought a few pairs of her own heels!  Heels she was just wearing a few weeks ago, officially earning her superwoman status in my book!   Her husband helped her into and out of them as her baby belly won’t allow her to reach her feet! 

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Amanda’s married a gem for sure!  He is all hands on deck to help care for their children.  Amanda shared a story with me about hearing their youngest daughter crying when she was a newborn.  She groggily tried to rouse from sleep, but was confused why the cry sounded like it was coming from the distance.  Her husband had gotten up with their baby to help settle her and was trying to avoid waking up Amanda by leaving the space.  He even moved the bassinet.  They understand teamwork in their marriage in a way that must be a blessing to their girls!

Rainbow baby girl, we all are eager to see your beautiful face and celebrate your joyous arrival!  Know that you are loved beyond measure and anticipated with a joy that cannot be contained!

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