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JDP senior Kailey

JDP senior Kailey has been a gymnast pretty much her whole life. She started at 3 years old and began acrobatic gymnastics at 7. Acro is typically done in groups, which makes representing it in your senior portraits a bit challenging. So instead, we focused on the acrobatic/athletic nature of moves that Kailey does in her dance routines that focus on balance skills set to music.

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The perfect curl drape that happened naturally!

As we started experimenting Kailey told me, “hum, I can do something interesting with that chair.” And this she began a series of astonishing moves that clearly showed an incredible marrying of strength, balance and grace.

Kailey’s disciplined work ethic has been developed through her approach to gymnastics training. She’s in the gym 6 days a week, year round. There’s no break in her training schedule. However, as she entered high school she signed a contract to say she would not be in the gym on Friday nights or early Saturday mornings. She knew wanted to vest deeply in gymnastics, but not sacrifice all of her high school years experiences while doing so. I love that she was able to achieve this balance that I see is often not accessible to the dance world.

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If Kailey isn’t training as a gymnast, then you will find her working at the gym where she trains. Her senior year she decided to try something new and somehow managed to fit in cheering for her home South Carroll football team.

The friendships Kailey has made via acro have meant the world to her. She thrives on the competitions and has made incredible memories traveling around the US with her team. Vegas stands out as her favorite so far!

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Kailey knew that she wasn’t ready to hang up her love of acro and sought a college experience that would allow her to continue her love. She found that Stevenson would allow her to puruse the nursing career she’s interested in and she could be a part of their brand new acro and tumbling team as a NCAA athlete in their Division 3 program.

Kailey will travel all around the US via her competitions with Stevenson, including all the way to Hawaii.

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Kailey’s family loves dogs like few families I have ever met. They have 5 currently. Kailey decided to include 2, Abby and Aunt Libby. Abby is her hyena looking coon hound boxer mix she’s had since she was just 5 years old. Abby’s accustomed to being carried around like a baby and snuggled at night for all 10 years of her little life. Aunt Libby is much more recent addition that Kailey begged to add to their mix. In a dog loving family like this one, what’s one more adorable addition in the mix?!?

Kailey congrats on your recent graduation! Something tells me that your future ahead at Stevenson looks very bright! What you have trained your body to do is simply astounding and I hope it continues to bring you so much joy for as long as possible!

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  1. Stacey Baughman says:

    WOW JUST WOW!!!! What beautiful pictures. I am just a little bias. πŸ™‚. I have never seen Kailey so happy to take pictures. Jennifer and Sara made her experience one she will never forget. Can’t wait to schedule for our son, he may not be as excited as Kailey, but we know Jennifer and Sarah will make it fun.
    Thank you so much!!!

  2. Sara Butler says:

    Awe, thank you Stacey!! Kailey was a blast to create for and just wowed us over and over again with her incredible acro abilities!! We look forward to creating for you again and it’s ok, the boys are almost never excited to come, but they always love what we create!!;)

  3. Heather V says:

    These photos are stunning! So creative and beautifully created. Kailey – beautiful and skilled. Best of luck at Stevenson!

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