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JDP senior Zack

JDP senior and #1 rail fan Zack loves trains more than just about anyone I have ever met. It all started when he was a little boy, as it does for most boys, with Thomas the Tank Engine. The love just grew and grew over the years.

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Zack’s mom and dad have organized trips all over the US so he can some of his favorite trains up close and personal. His favorite is old fashioned steam engines. He’s been to Texas, Oregon and Indiana to name a few of the places. They are planning a trip to Oregon to see more trains soon.

Zack’s mind spins in many directions at once–so as you can imagine if you’ve been on session with me, we got along great! He had so many ideas and visions for his session to share with me and was super excited to bring them to life. He shares his ideas with passion and thoughtfulness and loved the collaborative process to bring them to life.

Zack is a creative at heart. When he sees the trains he’s inspired to create scenes to feature them in all their glory. It was very important to him to have a train featured in his senior portraits and thankfully McDaniel College /zoffers one at all times!

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Zack likes pondering ideas that swim in his mind, and then debates the best way to bring those visions to life. He has a great love for computer graphics which he has excelled in at Linganore High. He’s experienced in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Zack’s creations have been featured in multiple art shows and used in promotion of computer graphics classes at Linganore. He just takes an idea in the back of his mind, sometimes starts as a doodle and runs with it.

Zack’s family is very grateful to all the friends who provided the vintage rail road swag for his session!

Zack loves his VR, virtual reality gaming as well and it’s provided many ideas for his art work. He’s also active with 4H showing cattle, pigs and turkeys. Zack accustomed to a variety of animals from his family farm, which even had a baby zebra for a while, but he is not a fan of turkeys. He said it’s creepy how they brazenly invade your personal space.

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Zack’s dad has become a canvas for Zack’s art work and it’s one of the sweetest things I have ever seen in the very special father son bond they share. Zack, Trish and Richard have a sweet, tender and supportive relationship that has allowed Zack to blossom into the amazing young man he is today.

Richard has art work featuring scenes from 5 Nights at Fridays, Resident Evil, and Foxy all over himself. So how fitting that Zack would be featured with his dad’s new truck which he is over the moon about. This truck won’t be doing the heavy lifting at their farm, but it’s sure to provide a lot of joy for Sunday drives!

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Zack I wish you all the best in your senior year and all the creating that’s sure to be in front of you! You are an absolute delight and I would love to keep seeing what you create! And steer clear of those sneaky turkeys!;)

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