JDP senior Brady

Meet JDP senior Brady who is a force to be reckoned with in life! He jumps into everything with all he’s got and remains in perpetual motion. He plays center back and outside back for club soccer team BRAUSA, which is ranked top 5 in the nation!

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Brady also plays soccer for Gerstell Academy where he led his team to a “C” Conference Championship (vs Palotti) last fall. The game was a no scoring tie until the very end when, much to the elation of all of Gerstell, Brady scored the winning goal, 1-0! This was an epic end to an undefeated season for Gerstell Falcons!

Brady’s also served as class President for all 4 years. There’s not a field or a court at Gerstell that Brady hasn’t played on for at least a few seasons. He’s played soccer, basketball and lacrosse there, though soccer and lacrosse are his top loves.

Brady’s mom Jaimie shares his passionate love for soccer and started coaching him at 4 years old until he reached U12 club level. She’s stepped into a male dominated world and more than held her own in fierce competition.

Brady also plays club ice hockey with the Baltimore Stars. He set aside playing football when he was 10 to pursue ice hockey. Currently he’s a free agent.

Brady started a drone business which primarily serves other businesses in our areas, real estate in particular. This was a natural connection for him given his mom’s role as one of the premier agents and owners of Keller Williams in our area.

Next steps for Brady include attending college in the fall. He’s been accepted to 10 colleges so far with a cumulative offering in academic/merit scholarships of over $1 million! He’s also received a $2k scholarship from Gerstell Academy for the Leadership Challenge.

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Brady is into so many sports so it’s no surprise that shooting sports is one of his favorites as well. He loves his rifle and was pumped to create with it in a few setups. Whether it’s at a shooting range or in the woods on a hunt, Brady just loves it all! He comes by this love honestly since his grandfather Penrod gifted him a NRA membership when he was born! Below is our homage to Peaky Blinders, a wildly popular Netflix series.

Course we covered how Brady would look at the shooting range as well!

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The 2nd amendment is near and dear to Brady’s heart.

Creating at the ice rink was a first for JDP and given the location, of course it was freezing! Happened to be pouring rain on this day soooo transporting our gear through the torrential rain into freezing temps and ice was extra challenging and precarious!

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So glad it all worked out and Wise Films was there as well to record Brady at the rink! Fans of JDP will see a promo video featuring a collection of seniors sometime in this year ahead!

Brady’s committed to making our world a better place. He was changed significantly as a young man when he lost his best friend Mat to suicide in 8th grade. Part of how he handled his grief was to turn it into an awareness for others. He started a foundation, “LIV4MAT” which hosts a golf tournament to raise scholarship money for students.

Brady is also into lifting and has been a part of Gerstell’s annual sponsored lifting event. This year he earned 2nd place in the 181 lb. weight class and PR’d with all his lifts: squat 315 lbs, bench 215 lbs, and deadlift 455 lbs when he weighed in at 175 lbs!

Brady’s mulling over his next steps for college at potentially United States Merchant Marine Academy, Colby-Sawyer, Roanoke, Lynchburg or Notre Dame. Chances look very good for soccer to be a part of this next step for Brady.

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A little love for his Irish heritage.:)


Brady loves the camaraderie he’s developed with his soccer teams. These guys have been playing together so long they can anticipate each other’s moves and strategies which makes their plays a work of beauty to behold on the field. There’s a great deal of trust that goes into building winning teams and a sense that they have each other’s backs. Brady’s been there for it all!

Brady’s best memories have been made on the field, particularly when he scored from midfield in middle school then did the exact same thing 5 years and 1 day later! His team mates are some of his ride or die buddies through life. This is why it’s not uncommon to see Brady helping hurt teammates off the field or charging 90 yards down the field to check on an injured friend.

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Brady, your future certainly looks bright and the world waits the big impact you are sure to continue to make! We wish you all the best as you prepare to soar!

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