F a R m L o V e

**Warning---if you have ever seriously considered owning a horse farm, these photos may just tip the scales in your favor!

The Wimmer horse farm is a place where little girls' dreams of owning ponies come true.  Course owning ponies means caring for ponies and that's a family affair on this farm.  Caring for over 50 animals requires all hands on deck every morning and every evening at feeding time.  Rain, shine, sleet, snow----horses, donkeys, alpacas, rabbits, cats and dogs aren't choosy, they want to be fed every day, twice a day.    


Throughout this session I joked I was never quite sure what was going to run by me while I was fixed behind the lens.  There are surprises around every corner in farm life!  If the call to farm life is tugging at your heart, I think they are currently selling some of their alpacas!


Dr. Wimmer's love of animals only seems to grow with the years, which is exactly what you like to see in your family vet.  Dr. Wimmer's practice, Carroll County Veterinary Clinic across from McDonald's, is a place where love of animals reigns surpreme. 


Love this little moment between Mom and Dad!  Dad's love of all three of his girls was written all over his face throughout our session. 

I also love how I get a little peak inside everyone's passions on photo shoots.  I learned that horses are majestic, tempermental and spook easily, versus donkeys who are all about the love and affection, though stubborn at times.  This pregnant doneky teased us into thinking she was going to give birth during the photo session!   She must have heard I photograph newborns and got a little camera shy! How I would have loved to photograph a live birth! 


Most of the animals on this farm have been rescued by the Wimmer's over the years, including these two ponies.  Their gentle, even keeled demeanor made them the perfect match for the girls when they first started riding.  The Wimmer's have a soft spot for animals that other people have given up on.  That soft spot doesn't stop with animals.  I've seen this family move into the lives of people time and time again with the same compassion to help rescue situations people have given up on.   


I have three little boys who couldn't tell you Taylor Swift from Taylor Lautner.  So it was quite a treat to be serenaded by these sun dress, boot wearing little sweet peas.  Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" and Jason Aldean's "Take You For a Ride on My Big Green Tractor" was the afternoon's playlist that had us all in stitches.

untitled (227 of 1)-2.jpg

I think this is probably the longest Mom and Dad have ever sat around on their farm!


Dr. Wimmer dreams of the day when schedules will open more so family riding time can increase! 


Happy Trails Wimmers and here's to many more years of family memories made on your farm!