s T o R y ~ T e L L i N g


Reflections on 2012:

What incredible opportunities I've had to create unique story telling images!  As a lover of art, I am thrilled by so many of the compelling images we have created.   I promised to deliver an album of my favorite 35 images of the year along with some vision casting for my business, so here goes! (you have no idea how hard it was to narrow down to 35 out of the thousands and thousands of images I have processed this year!  Plus there were a few fine art nudes that would have made it in but those aren't posted on line.  These 35 spoke a little more to my artist heart!) 


Personally, my goal is to become one of the best portrait photographers in our area.  A wise person told me, “Jennifer, you can be the best or you can be the cheapest, but you gotta choose.”  For me, the choice was easy.  I would rather make the investment that is required to create images worthy of passing on to your children than being in a competition to be the best deal or major in mediocre.   This year ahead clients will see more images produced on canvases and fine art papers with organic bloom frames---images are really taken to the next level in production for the wall. 


I have just partnered with PPA (Professional Photographers of America) to guide me in professional standards for my studio.   They are helping to guide me as we build on my foundation to set my standards along the lines of studios that have flourished for years.   So many clients have told me that no one has ever photographed in the manner I have so they keep coming back.   I am very vested to make sure my business is built for sustainability while still allowing me to have a life outside of it.   


My favorite thing to hear from clients is how much delight their wall displays bring them every day as they walk by them in their home.  They are amazed how the image changes from a photograph in their hands to a fine piece of art for their walls.  I love helping them take their pieces to the next level.  Family as art!  


The delight is not just weeks later, but the next year!  Guests don’t just see a pretty family, but they ask “what were you guys doing….is this a family tradition… why is that violin important?  What were you guys cracking up at?”   All leading to more stories, giving my clients a chance to share what they hold most dear with those they love.    Storytelling!




Catching sweet moments between people who love one another, is just a delight to photograph, period.  Tenderness, mischievousness, protectiveness, silliness---I love to photograph it!  Sometimes it’s a big Ravens offensive lineman cradling his tiny newborn daughter.  Many people told me that Marshall Yanda is the toughest Raven on the field.  Which is why watching this young father be so tender with his precious new Libby was so cool. 


Toddlers in family:

The sweetest moments that make beautiful and unique wall art are those where I set a scene and then the family is engaged so the toddler is enjoying time with his family.  Trying to make a toddler sit for a formally posed family set up stresses out the mom and dad in a way that I’m just not comfortable with anymore.  It’s just not genuine.  I am tenacious about getting the images that clients desire with excellence, so families with toddlers have found the right photographer if this is the kind of family image that will thrill you on your walls.




Oh how I love sessions where I get to give every day women the chance to feel like a super model!  I have to say that photographing women is my favorite, be it in glamour or dancing or maternity!  “Finally, I find myself beautiful”---favorite comment of the year!  Runner up comment:  spoken in tears, “you never fail to see the beauty in people.”  Stop me in my tracks!


There’s one common denominator between all these dear clients--- the desire to look glamorous for a bit when they can carve out a little space of time for themselves.  They set aside the flats, ponytails, sippy cups, and glasses and watch the transformation happen!   This year there will be an increased emphasis on these sessions and styling services offered!   We will be emphasizing Couture Glamour sessions where we design a dress onto a client for their session!  Look for these in the winter months ahead!


Channeling a bit of some Clinque ad I seem to recall in the recesses of my brain...


Feeling film-like with this one...




I see these sessions as an extension of my glamour sessions.   Why?  Because pregnant women often feel so unglamorous!   “I felt like a whale—I can not believe how you have photographed me so beautifully!”  I love it!  My style is evolving into crafting fine art images that will delight a woman long after the baby has arrived!   These are beautifully hung in master bathrooms, master suites, and dressing areas.   The mom below shared she had never seen herself as graceful or photographed so beautifully until these images! 



Parents spend hundreds of hours driving their children to and from practices/games/recitals…and often the photographic evidence of this commitment to excellence is a team/troupe photo where everyone is standing still with a cheesy smile.  This is how athletes are

C A P T U R E D! 


It’s no secret that guys are often hesitant to appear before a camera for senior photos, in fact down right resistant.  Blake was no exception!   His senior portrait session was all his mom’s idea.  He perked up a bit at the idea of getting to play golf and basketball for his portraits.    Today he and his sister are in debate over who gets to keep what wall displays when mom and dad move into their retirement home!  


Film/Art/Print Inspired:

Sometimes I see it when I’m photographing.  Sometimes it happens later as I begin to process the image.  Regardless of when it happens, it’s really cool when I begin to get connections to film, art, or print work I’ve connected to over the years.

This maternity session for Karlye Cowherd had me thinking of scenes from a film I saw probably 15 years ago with amazing cinematography, "What Dreams May Come".  The 4th image in this blog also had me thinking of that film.  The film was a feast for the eyes!


This was taken at the Bowen farm and I remember Stephenie saying, "I don't know what you see here, but I can't wait to see what you create from this."  Sometimes I wish I could turn "it" off so I could quiet my brain, but I see "it" everywhere I go!  When processing this image I was immediately taken to one of my favorite artists, Van Gogh.  Then while working, one of my boys walked by and said, "hey Momma, that one looks like those paintings by that guy we have hanging around here." 


While creating this I kept getting visions of being in Italy standing amongst the ruins of ancient buildings.  This entire gallery was stunning and somehow both mom and daughter landed on this as their mutual favorite for their wall art.  Mom's home is a collection of unique pieces they have had custom designed over the years and now there's one more to mark Kayla's launching into this next phase of her life!  I personalized this large canvas even more for Kayla by ever so faintly etching her name into the concrete below her feet. 


Can't name the specific film, but I was so feeling a Sunday after church picnic in a 1950's film with this one...


Recollections of two of my favorite American artists....Mary Cassatt and Jim Daly...


The Koch boys were so excited to replicate their dad, Sam Koch's, punting abilities!  They wanted this to be a suprise image so we shot with Sam and Nikki back at the house for a few moments.  Such a cool moment watching them all 3 set aside the silliness for a few sparse moments and work collectively to accomplish the task at hand.  They were so serious and wanting to get it right....channeling "Field of Dreams" here! 


Bit of Andrew Wyeth came to mind with this one...


Bit of surreal, "What Dreams May Come" again! ;)


Creating this piece from Jill Jackson's adoption story shoot, I knew I had landed on something pretty amazing.  There are artists in my family, but try as I might over the years I couldn't paint, draw, sculpt, charcoal....you name it, I tried it.  All to no avail.  That's why photography has been so consuming for me---it was finally where the artistic outlet that burned in my soul found its expression.  Clients who have visited my studio have seen this as a large canvas in my foyer.  My foyer will one day be an entire gallery of images that have completely grabbed me! 


One of my pride and joys from the year--- "Gone With the Wind" channeled moment! 


Lastly, this one has to be viewed large to get the full impact, but I can't resist putting it in the collection.  My son Wyatt Pete is always trying to catch animals, with his hands or a net.  He was off chasing a butterfly with a net his Mimi had made him for his animal exploits.  While I watched him, I kept thinking, "chase your dreams Wyatt---the world is big and it awaits you." 


So thanks for walking with me through the last year!  I look forward to all the excitement that 2013 sessions will have to offer!  Exciting things are in store for C A P T U R E D  and I will keep you all up to date as it all unfolds!  I wish you all the best in the year ahead!