Cook in Couture

Mellissa found herself in the dilemma many moms face.   There are very few photographs of her with her sweet girls Anna and Lauren.    Cajoled husbands will often take a stab at snapping a few pictures to satisfy our requests, but.....well... enough said about that.     


Mellissa approached me about portraits of her and her girls at the same time I was preparing to launch my Couture line of portraiture.  We decided to take this portrait session to the next level and create gorgeous Couture Glamour and Couture Couture portraits complete with styling to celebrate my launch!  This link explains the difference:


Mellissa is channeling a vintage WWII vibe here!  I used to teach American history and the images of WWII have stuck with me over the years.  As I was working on Mellissa's images  I envisioned pilots painting her on the sides of their bombers  Maybe she was born 50 years too early!   


Anna and Lauren giggled through our whole session and we all had a blast!  Lauren's a tomboy at heart, but she embraced the process that Anna just ate up!   Anna's Mellissa's artistic child, so this was right up her alley!  She could have done this all day!   



As different as Anna and Lauren are, it seems those differences are what draw them so tightly to one another.  The deep friendship between them is so evident!  As they sat on the settee waiting for me to move some things around they started to be silly with one another and I knew favorite images were about to happen.  The heart was their idea!  The innocence of childhood unfettered by all the burdens that so quickly weigh in on us moms and dads...Mellissa and Greg will cherish this forever!   Can't you just hear the laughter! 


I can't always explain it...but this one grabs me at my core...   Perhaps it's because I'm seeing the little girl I've known since she was in first grade with my oldest son Tad, begin to show signs of the beautiful woman she'll become in the blink of an eye!  There's a quiet strength of determination here that I won't soon forget!


All of us fell in love with the ethereal quality of this image....a moment in time, that will not soon be forgotten!  Enjoy girls--it was such a pleasure to Unveil your Cinderella!