Cru 6.0

Yup, another 3 months have passed and it feels like the blink of an eye!  Cru Henry is in the Jennifer DiDio Photography Milestone Marker program so his ever changing first year will be covered as a newborn, 3/6/9/12 month old.  He's changing right before our eyes into the curly lashed little smile machine his family loves so dearly. 

Daddy's so proud of his little boy and is all hands on deck with Cru helping to make an awesome portrait session.  Daddy already has an idea on deck for Cru's 9 month it when clients come with ideas to personalize their portraits which makes them so much more cherished.

Cru's smile will light up a room and you just can't help but smile in return when he flashes that smile at you.

Momma is marveling at how differently Cru is fitting in her lap when she nurses him...the first year's growth is marked by so much change and no one feels it more than a mother...

I'll see you in 3 months happy little Cru Henry! ;)