Meet JDP senior Jameson.  Jameson's interests are as varied as the day is long and we set about creating portraits to reflect all he loves in this life.

Jameson runs cross country for Westminster and has spent the last several months rehabbing a broken ankle to get back into competing shape.  Thanks to his PT mom Carla's help, he's back on the run again!

Jameson's an avid gamer and without a doubt, Legend of Zelda is his favorite.  Rooster Teeth is a gaming community he's an active member of and has even traveled to their conferences.  He had a chance to have in depth discussions with game creators while there and looks forward to someday being in design work himself.

Jameson also loves riding dirt bikes, playing baseball, singing and competing in track and field.  How cool to see so much of what he loves to do captured in this fleeing time in portraits for him!

And we closed aptly for a computer science guy!