My family is comprised of some pretty serious Ravens fans and they’ve done a good job of indoctrinating my boys with this love of all things purple!  My husband jokes (only half joking) that he just doesn’t get how Ravens and Steelers fans can be married to each other.  The love runs pretty deep around here.

Shot pictured above my twins have hanging in their room with Ray Lewis’s autograph.  I took it one day at camp, printed and went back the next day.  Lewis commented, ‘hey cool shot’ as he signed it.  My boys were pretty proud. 

Today kicks off the first day of training camp and the first day training camp is NOT in Westminster.  My tradition of going to our ‘secret parking spot’ at McDaniel College with my boys to get up close and personal at training camp is just another chapter of our lives that appears to have closed.  Westminster is in mourning today for our loss of camp. 

So to commemorate the unofficial kick off of football season I thought I’d pull out photos I took last year while at camp with my boys and thousands of others!  Gotta say, this was a really challenging shooting situation.  Noon time sun (which photographes avoid like the plague), 3 boys pulling at me with ‘Momma did you see….’ and hundreds of other people all jockeying for position to get these same shots!  Going to have to see who I can talk to about a press pass….

Ed Reed joking with my son William when William asked him to sign a photo I had taken of Joe Flacco.  Well, they only let you take in one thing to be signed…All the Ravens were so great with the kids but Reed was especially engaging with the kids!  One kid complained he was thirsty and Reed threw him a Gatoraide! 

I keep wondering if I’m going to see my father-in-law out there one day like this!

  1. Hope Carpenter says:

    Very cute Jennifer, even if we are STEELERS fans.

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