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Fairy tale endings aren’t supposed to start with a slew of questions.   I don’t remember a single one that involved an 8-year separation.  Maybe it’s time as big girls we start re-writing some of our beloved childhood stories and let the little girls of today know how it’s done in real life!  Let’s help them figure out how to navigate towards their own  ‘happily ever after’s in the face of obstacles.

Andrea and Scott met with only 3 weeks left in the school year at Elmira College.   Andrea knew on day 2 Scott was the one for her.   She saw their future laid out before her and was eager to see each new stage develop.  “You know how when you just know something? Well, I knew he was the one,” Andrea told me. 

Problem was Scott had plans to transfer to Delaware, which offered the complete package of courses he needed for his agricultural studies/landscape management degree.  Bumpy road begins.

They were at a crossroads.   How do you walk away from the man you are certain is supposed to be sitting beside you on the front porch of your retirement home 50 years from now?

They decided to brave it out and try what few couples are ever able to accomplish with success—the long distance/two schools dating.    Then fraternity life entered Scott’s plans and in fearing the unknowns of his pledge season he decided it was best for them to stop dating. 

Andrea knew this decision was rooted in protecting her but was devastated nonetheless.  This was not how her ‘happily ever after’ was supposed to end but it seemed there was little they could do about it.

They spent next 8 years moving around and staying friends while they dated others.    Can’t you just imagine how boyfriends/girlfriends received this friendship between the two of them?   Reminds me of a Ross/Rachel thing where everyone knows these two just have to end up together at some point, no matter how great the person they are dating at the time is.

Then September 11 occurred while Andrea was living in Boston.  That marked her personal turning point.  She knew it was time to move forward with her life and she knew who she wanted that to be with.  She went to Scott and they decided life was too short, with too few guarantees, to waste any of it.  Their heart to hearts led to a decision to marry and the rest is history!

Today they celebrate that life they started together back in college with their two adorable boys, Mason and Ethan.   Colby came along too to share in this day marking what matters most to Scott and Andrea. 

Andrea’s love of the outdoors began as a child growing up in the town of Saranac Lake in New York.  Her and Scott share this love of the great outdoors.  As a family they share time camping, hiking, fishing and retreating to rustic cabins.   Morgan Run was a perfect match for C A P T U R I N G their family. 

Ethan and Mason enjoyed “bear hunting” and fishing during our time together.  I was warned these boys were adorable before our session time and that they were!  In fact, I had tucked away in my pockets my ‘just in case’ tiny bribery of sweet tarts in case they’d need a little encouragement along the way.  Totally didn’t need them and then totally forgot about them….cut to me cleaning sweet tarts out of my dryer!    

We had a great time tromping around through the woods and thankfully avoided anyone falling in getting soaked!  Warnick’s may you have many, many family times retreating together in the quiet of the woods!

how i’d paint you..

  1. Andrea Warnick says:

    Thank you for capturing the love of our family. These pictures are beautiful!

  2. Amanda Wallace says:

    So wonderful! I love getting to see what I get to look forward to down the road. You have the most beautiful family Andrea!!!

  3. Nancy Miller says:

    Andrea ~ What beautiful pictures… Thanks for posting them:) You are all so beautiful and it looked like you had so much fun having your pictures taken. I also loved your story through out the pictures. Great photographer too!!! Nancy

  4. Donna Langmead says:

    OMG what awewsome pictures. The love and happiness you all share was definetly captured and I so enjoyed your story.

  5. Nicole Hunsicker says:

    I absolutely ADORE this family!!! Dree and Scott have been such sweet friends to me for many years. I LOVE how you have completely captured the beauty of their story and the love of their family~ priceless!!!!!

  6. Vonnie Fiore says:

    The pictures are incredible and the story brought me to tears! How wonderful to see such love between a man and wife:)

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