She’s number 6 for Mom, but that hasn’t stopped Teresa from making Saniyah’s birth as a special occasion to be marked and celebrated! 

Saniyah Fai name means “Radiant Beginning,” from Arabic and Chinese.  Mom has been very thoughtful about choosing each of her babies’ names.   She has linked her baby’s names into family members to honor the child and her family.  I love the connectedness this creates for children.  They are a part of something much larger than themselves and get a sense of their connectedness.

Saniyah was actually 8 weeks old at the time of her session, so considerably older than typical newborn sessions which are scheduled within the first 10 days of life. 

Older newborns are much more alert and less cooperative for the poses they usually sleep through as newborns.   Saniyah was very alert for almost our entire time together.  It’s amazing the difference just a few weeks makes in the development of babies!

Saniyah had such a relaxed personality.  As a former Psychology teacher I love seeing how birth order affects who we become as people.  I am fascinated by how obvious birth order is sometimes within people’s personalities.  The differences between first borns and sixth borns are marked! 

Mom works at ARC in Westminster helping adults with disabilities as they transition into the work place.  Dad’s love of martial arts led him to open a dojo in Baltimore County recently.  Mom wanted to incorporate Abu’s love of karate into Saniyah’s shots.  Love the symbolism behind his baby girl being protectively wrapped by his black belt. 

  1. Judy says:

    Beautiful little girl and absolutely beautiful shots, she looks so content, love the originality with dads equipment,

  2. Jennifer DiDio says:

    ThnX! I think that will b hanging in the dad's do Jo!

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