fagers island

One day in your life you turn 40, just one.  I guess most people would say it sneaks up on them; I would be one of those people.  I know it’s a day often marked with a bittersweet mixture of celebration and sadness.  In my heart I say, ‘well, that much closer to heaven, so it’s all good!’ 

I marked it with some awesome surprises orchestrated by my husband Chris.  Part of the celebration included both of us stepping away from a crazy work schedule and setting aside the demands of life for a weekend.  (oh, btw, I had asked him to start eating beans for my 40th birthday present!) 

He had this trip planned for a while so it was not intentional that we’d be home for one day before C A P T U R E D would be headed to Mexico just one day after we returned home.   Sometimes ‘when it rains it pours’ and that addage can apply to good things as well!  So I say celebrate the good and give thanks to the Giver of all good things! 

Breakfast in bed….ahhhh…

Is your mouth watering yet??

We snuck away with two couples dear to us and unplugged to unwind for the weekend at The Edge at Fager’s Island.  Thought you’d enjoy sharing in a few sights of our much loved Ocean City, Maryland as we are all rooting on the return of summer around here!  Perhaps these photos will also encourage you to go on date nights or weekends away with your spouse if at all possible…there’s probably a friend just like you dying for the same thing so maybe a kid swap?

Sites of the boardwalk.

This guy was caught off the coast of where we swim!  Yikes! 

 Cool reflections every where!

This was the nicest hotel we had ever stayed at for sure!  The suite over looked the bay and the wind was so crazy it brought the water right up to the edge of the hotel.  Looking out the window gave us the feeling on being on the Titanic with the water so close.

Massages….yes that was her real name! 😉

These shoes were made for dancing…and that’s just what they did! 

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