C A P T U R E D was in Mexico recently and you are invited to come along vicariously through the photos I shot at the resort.  Consider having your next beach vacation C A P T U R E D to bring back just a little bit of the sights and sounds that will take you back to your favorite spots on earth! 





While studying Photoshop CS5 on the beach I found myself repeatedly throwing down my book to chase after pelicans.  Watching their arial feats while fishing was pretty incredible. 










 Dos margaritas por favor!




Ever wonder what it looks like to have a pelican fly right over top of you?



Jacuzzi tub on the balcony…






 I’ll take this reflection in the ipad anyday!  First time I went to Mexico I couldn’t believe the water was actually that blue…I thought it was only true on TV beer commercials!








I find myself constantly drawn to reflections lately…seeing the water in Chris’s glasses was a shot i had to have!  I’m slightly visible in his glasses taking the shot! 

































Flaming coffees!














Fell in love with the old school film feel of this shot….dance is one of my all time favorite subjects to photograph!
















Photographing wild life requires a great deal of patience…you just have to slow down and wait.  I think that’s why it’s beginning to appeal to me.  You learn the animal’s signals so you can predict when the action will happen.  I scaled two small roofs to C A P T U R E this momma osprey.  Took about an hour to get these two shots.  I came very close to missing out on both but forced myself to wrangle in my ADD!  











I know this seems like a joke but it’s not—this is actually what the packages of cigarettes look like!






Flight had open seats so somebody flew business class for the first time!


Just for fun…







  1. Joyce says:

    Love the pics Jen, great job!

  2. Jennifer DiDio says:

    Thanks Joyce! Makes u want to bury ur toes in the sand huh!!

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