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I’ve been really loving individual portraiture and what better portraits than ones that show us doing what we love.   C A P T U R E D business has been moving a bit more in the direction of individual portraiture lately and I’ve been loving that!  One of my goals is to offer senior portraiture that is unique and able to C A P T U R E  atheletes in the peak of their form.  I’ve thought about how many hours go into the development of our children’s physical talents and how often that’s preserved in photo after photo of them standing on a court/field just holding their ball of choice.  Hardly seems to do the investment of time, money, practice and driving worth it!  So, although these boys are all still little, with a little help from a step stool, we made them feel like Sports Illustrated cover atheletes!  Would love to C A P T U R E  seniors in the future who won’t require a step ladder!  These images were taken over 3 different times, from afternoon till evening.

Hardly basketball approved footware but sometimes it’s the closest shoes that make it on your feet to play a little drive way ball!

 or socks!

  1. Sassie says:

    Love the pics! Especially love the snow boots.

  2. Judy says:

    Totally awesome pics,, better than Sports Illus,,, I can only imagine all the work that went into getting just the right shots. I know the boys must love these. I especially love the

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