burning rock


The DiDio family, along with family friends, the Bowens, ventured 6 hours away to Burning Rock, West Virgina.  The intent of the trip was a wild and wonderful four wheeling adventure.  Making memories for our kids with some family fun in the wilderness.  The weather would have other plans for us at the start of the trip.



The pouring rain didn’t stop the first ride from happening, well for anyone except for me and the littlest member of our crew Audrey.  I knew as soon as my gear was soaked, with no laundry facilities on site, I’d be done.  So, I figured I’d hold out for promised drier skies in the forecast.   After the first rainy ride the crew decided to let the dads go enjoy the next rainy ride while the women folk and kids stayed back.  Somehow I imagined Little House on the Prairie cabin living much more romantic than this??!!  







We converged on our little cabin passing the afternoon away by creating games, football, dance tricks, movie on the ipad,  and playing a homemade version of Password.




w a i t i n g….













Come rain or shine…they didn’t mind!

I joked when we left to “cue the banjo music”…well, lo and behold the restaurant we ate at had a real live banjo player who played  a mean banjo! 


Thankfully, the sun came out and the real adventure began!





This bridge looks like something we should be going across, right?! (apparently it was supported by some beams underneath the men assured us!)  Memory made here:  My youngest almost running my husband right off the bridge as he was directing the traffic!  Guessing he thinks it makes up for the time he ‘saved dadd’s life when he almost stepped on a Copperhead snake” years ago. 





Little family…big place…it’s a wide, wide world out there Bowens just waiting for you to explore!




My husband jokes he would have given his right arm as a little boy for this kind of opportunity…now he gets to share it with his boys! 






The daredevil of the group, Jarrett decided the pitch of this hill needed riding!  He’s been riding his whole life, so we weren’t too worried.









At dinnertime I met the guys who run this adventure park while they were doing some acrobatics of their own…












My oldest son Tad and I rode this 1/2 mile long zip line through those wild and wonderful West Virginia woods, at night! 😉


Sites that caught me up in photographer heaven while riding….











Here’s to pulling aside from busy schedules to make the memories that will last a lifetime!




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