Vanessa was away for the week and Keith found himself at home with their two boys…missing his bride of 15 years.  He looked around the home they’ve created together and noticed a conspicuous absence of photos of he and Vanessa.  That’s when his plan hatched.

Keith was familiar with my work and knew it was time for he and Vanessa to be C A P T U R E D.   He set the wheels in motion for a 15 year wedding anniversary celebration for Vanessa.  Yes he wanted family portraits, but the primary focus of the portrait session would be he and Vanessa as a couple.  (btw–I rec’d 3 seperate inquiries like this from husbands within 2 weeks…for the first time ever!!  those families can all anticipate a lil surprise when the order arrives!)

He knew the perfect spot right away—Piney Run, where he had asked Vanessa to marry him 15 years earlier.   They would re-enact that special day complete with the picnic under a tree, walk by the shoreline and canoe ride.     

Vanessa was overwhelmed with gratitude.  She anticipated the day they would plan together.  Her wheels went into motion to help create a memorable day for their photos.  She learned about the cool trend in which women bring back out their beloved wedding dresses to be photographed celebrating their love, minus all the stress and chaos that so easily engulfs a wedding day.

Vanessa asked herself what she was saving her dress for ….she has two sons.  She decided she wanted to pull her treasured dress out of the box and put it to use to create beautiful memories with her groom of 15 years, the same one she’d marry all over again!  Glam the dress wheels were in motion!  (dress has been returned to safe keeping just in case a future daughter in law decides she’s like it!)

Both Vanessa and Keith laughed throughout our whole session time together and we had a blast.  Vanessa was beaming just like a bride through the entire time!  Well, I should say a bride minus the ‘we’re out of appetizers…Aunt Margaret doesn’t like her seat…we can’t find our vows’ run of the mill wedding day stressors. 

(priceless little brother/big brother exchange!)

I couldn’t get over how Vanessa just beamed through our whole session.  What a beautiful thing when a woman is treasured by her groom! 

The only stress that was involved was when Keith was told it was too late to launch the canoe for the canoe ride we had plans to recreate.   I was slightly panicked, but undeterred.   I begged leniency of the boat attendant and promised to have the canoe back in 10 minutes if she would relent… thankfully she obliged our romantic request!

I ventured out into Piney Run Lake to get the perfect spot to photograph Vanessa and Keith as the stood in the placid calf deep water.  That’s when I realized that in the last three days in a row I had shot in the ocean, a creek and a lake.  Love the unpredictability of C A P T U R I N G my sweet clients! 

Yes, I went home soaked, sans a few garments.  I told Keith (who just happens to be a cop) if I was pulled over on my ride home, rather than explain everything, I’d be dropping his name! 

So here’s to the love of a man and wife who stand firmly in their committment to one another and the vows they pledged to one another!  Here’s to keeping the celebration of the wedding day alive and well 15 years and 2 kids later!  I wish you all the best!

My fairy tale creation of your time….

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