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Graham’s turning two and about to welcome a baby….sister or brother…no one knows yet!  The surprise will be revealed with Marshal and Shannon’s newborn session coming up in a few weeks. 

Graham’s a bundle of energy wrapped in a smile, topped off with silly expressions!  He appears to be quite the comedian at heart.  Throughout our portrait session he would randomly make faces that he knows mom and dad crack up over.   Now they will have that to cherish in their images forever!  

Lifestyle photography involves photographing clients in a manner that shows them the beauty in their daily lives.  Shannon commented about how comfortable Graham was with my style and what a departure this was from their past studio sessions that Graham was not such a fan of.  

Lifestyle photography for Graham meant climbing anything he can scale, playing football with Mommy, peek a boo at the railing, racing his farm tractor and trains, reading his favorite Old McDonald book and exploring the big world around him.

Graham plays football with Daddy every day and he may be just turning two, but his form is incredible!  We are all born with different giftedness so it’s really awesome when you can see some of those gifts in a child so young!  Dad is offensive lineman number 73, Marshal Yanda for the Ravens so it’s pretty clear he’s passed on the football gene on to Graham! 

Maybe Graham and Joe Flacco have been having some heart to hearts?

Graham also plays football with Mommy and their current game involves hiding the football on top of Mommy’s baby belly for Graham to find.  It’s clear Shannon enjoys playing with Graham and he’s a pretty big fan of his Momma! 

Graham’s new dinosaur themed bedroom is complete with a step stool that makes him feel like the big boy he’s becoming.   This is one of the preparations for baby Yanda’s welcomed addition to their family. 

Only a few more weeks before Graham will figure out the mystery of Momma’s ever growing belly! 😉

Happiest birthday to a little guy full of smiles and spunk!  I’ll see you in a few weeks to C A P T U R E  the blessings of your growing family! 

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