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family fun

The Dodson family knows how to stop everything, with all of life’s demands, to ensure they are enjoying time with one another.   Family is a priority for them, not just in theory, but also in practice.  Anyone with children and two working parents understands what an accomplishment this is!  Dylan, Francesca and Dominic will be forever blessed by their mom and dad’s committment to this family time!

Our families have been friends for a few years now.  Our boys have chased each other around in countless games of war and soccer in my backyard.  Simona’s been a fan of my work since the beginning and told me last year she had started a special savings account for her own C A P T U R E D session.  This warms my heart to know that some families place such a priority on unique images that they start preparing for their sessions long before they ever happen. 

David and Simona anticipate time away with their kids for mini trips throughout the year.  Simona is the master at finding awesome vacation and dinner deals for her family to enjoy.    When she hits the lotto she has plans for a house at her favorite vacation spot, Deep Creek…well, that and more trips back to Italy to spend time with her mom and dad. 

Whether it’s cheering each other on while on the soccer fields, riding four wheelers, playing in their pool, singing karaoke, it doesn’t matter, the Dodson’s will be doing it together. 

Simona’s no stranger to adventure; she was born in Italy but raised in Zambia.  She jokes about growing up swimming with alligators and going on safari hunting trips.   She makes me think one day I will have to go to Africa to photograph it’s raw beauty. 

Life has gotten a little more complicated in the last year for the Dodson’s as David began his own IT business.  It’s taken off much faster than David could have predicted, which has meant balancing the challenges of home and career have begun to take on a whole new level.  Still they do it with keeping family a priority.  

We had a blast on our session and I was thrilled to see Simona decided to join other recent clients in bringing back out her cherished wedding dress!  This year marks her and David’s 10th wedding anniversary so what a wonderful way to celebrate! 

While viewing the images, David said, “when I’m 80 I want to sit and look at the photos of us snuggling when we were young.”    I imagine you’ll be doing that very thing, surrounded by you children and grandchildren!  Best wishes Dodson’s!

  1. chris Tobias says:

    I love your pictures! Beautiful family…love how she captured some of Dominic's "playfulness" w/ Francesca!

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