riley roo’s 1

Look who’s back and 1!  Ms. Riley Roo joined me in studio to celebrate her one year milestone with her family!  Nothing marks the passing of time like our children growing up and I’ve had the joy of photographing sweet Riley now for the 4th time, starting with in utero!  She’s quite a departure from the almost black haired newborn from a year ago!  Who would have guessed she’d be a blonde hair blue eyed Roo when looking at her newborn images?!

Logan was all grins when we told him he could join Riley in eating the cake with his fingers.   He took to a little finger painting of his sister with frosting!  When Logan arrives at my studio he always asks about my boys geckos….now i have a feeling he’s going to be asking about cake when he arrives!  

Happiest Birthday Little Roo!  May the world be yours to explore hand in hand with your family who loves you very much!

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