boys will be boys

When your family is comprised of all boys, to say there is a lot of activity in your house would be the understatement of the year!

The Koch’s have three boys full of energy, enthusiasm for life and love for their mom and dad.  This session was designed to highlight life around the home with three boys and what they love most in this life.

These images will bring back a flood of memories for the Koch’s as the years pass and the boys take wings to fly away.   The boys will return with their own children someday and likely pick up right where they left off with one another!  Something tells me they will still break out into a wrestle fest when they are 30! 

I regularly joke that around our house it’s impossible for my 3 boys to be anywhere in the same vicinity with one another and not be physically engaging one another.  We have ‘one chair buffer’ minimum between each of them at the table.  It’s like the testosterone is a magnet that compels the madness! 

I’ll never forget one little boy who visited our house who only had sisters.  When he saw my boys wrestling he looked at me in wide eyed disbelief and said, ‘we are allowed to wrestle!!??’   All I could think was, ‘it was ever an option to stop it????’

So it is with the Koch boys.  Ryan is always restraining his strength while Braxtyn and Kamdyn try to take down their big brother.   The wrestling is full of laughter and occasional tears that are short lived, then they keep coming back for more!

Ryan has real aspirations to be president some day.   When I say real, I mean he’s read every presidential historian book he can get his hands on.  I look forward to casting my vote for him someday and possibly photographing the first family one day!!

Braxtyn and Kamdyn are all smiles and silliness all day long!  Braxtyn can barely restrain himself from kissing his mom every opportunity he gets.   Kamdyn is the comedian of the boys and keeps them laughing all day with his silly faces and dance moves!

Nikki sees her boys growing up before her eyes and feels the urgency to stop time just a bit with these images that bring a smile to her face every day!   She sees her boys C A P T U R E D in ways that allowed them to be the boys that have stolen her heart.  She told me recently, ‘I still love everything we did last year, so nothing is coming down, but I’ve got more wall space.’ 

When Sam’s not in training to keep him in shape as our Raven’s star punter, he loves keeping fit through basketball and golf.   These four will share many wonderful memories over the love of sports together so how cool these will be hanging in the man cave!

Ravens fans are well aware of Sam’s surprise rushing touchdown during last Sunday’s game against the Raiders.  This was Sam’s first rushing touchdown in an NFL game!  His last one was during his senior year of highschool!   Pretty cool feeling for his 7th year with the Ravens!   

Continue to laugh together often Koch’s and make the memories of a lifetime together! 

  1. Kelly Chiavacci says:

    AWESOME!!!! You captured those sweet boys perfectly!!! Love every picture…..great job!!!!

  2. Jennifer DiDio says:

    thank you kelly—they certainly keep me laughing thru the whole session! good times!! 😉

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