littlest raven

Marshal and Shannon welcomed Elizabeth, “Libby” Marie Yanda on Oct 25th at 8:16 a.m.  She’s a precious little peanut who weighed in at exactly 8lbs. at birth. 

Graham’s pretty excited about his new baby sister too!  He loves to show Libby his cows and tractors and I’m sure it won’t be long before they will have play farms set up all over the family room floor!  Shoes might be your best friend when trying to navigate through those set ups mom and dad! 

Grandpop has a farm back in Iowa so I’m guessing he gets great joy hearing how Graham loves to create his own little farms.  Early in the session Graham brought me his replica tractor catalog and we talked about tractors for a little while.  Something tells me he’d done this before with Grandpop!

Shannon beamed with pride over her little Libby.  She had Libby’s headware waiting for me when we arrived.  I was surprised to see a very yellow and black headband (which was too big to use).  When I picked it up with a puzzled face Shannon said, “I know it looks like Steelers but actually it’s for Iowa where we went to school.”  Ok, the Raven fan base just breathed a collective sigh of relief.

 Every child should have a photo like this of them with their mother!

There’s something about a Dad when he has a daughter.  A new side of him emerges.   A son brings a sense of, ‘that’s my boy!’ pride.  But, a daughter brings out a protectiveness in a man that is something Libby will be blessed by throughout her life.  To see Marshall’s bigness against Libby’s brand new tinyness was pretty touching!   I pity any fool that would try to break her heart some day! 

Session time was over and time to chill with Dadda.  I wish you all the best Yanda’s and many wonderful family memories ahead for you and your crew!

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