Family portraits are very important to Rebecca.  Probably has something to do with being an ex-Marine herself and being married to a Marine.  Guessing she has a more acute awareness of how fragile life is.  Wherever it grows from, it’s clear the mother instrict to preserve those closest to her heart is very strong. 

They look like a tv sitcom trailer ad don’t they!?

Rebecca and Adrian’s two oldest children were in town at the same time, very last minute.  Rebecca knew she needed family portraits, stat!   Although my fall shooting schedule was jam packed, I could hear the pleading in Rebecca’s voice and chose just one more booking over sleep!

We had plans for an outdoor session and at the last minute the gray skies opened up with rain.  Rescheduling was not an option for Rebecca, studio or outdoors, that was irrelevant.  What mattered most was having photographs of her whole family together (which as you can see included their retrievers!)

So studio it was and when there was a break in the rain we got a tiny bit of shooting done outside, but it didn’t last long.   Anyone who has been photographed by me knows my style is to find something unique in each session, to create art from our lives….so that’s just what we did after we finished the customary portraits mom was hoping for!

L O V E!!  Thanks for venturing out of the box with me girls!  Looks like the trailer for America’s Next Top Model!  Just stunning!!! 

Gave the boys a little edgy HDR look….

It’s good to be home…even if just for a bit!  When a moment like this happens all by itself…those are the best moments in life!

These kids had so much fun together!  What a delight to photograph!  Parents of young ones–it does get easier when it comes to family portraits! 

“It wasn’t me Mom and Dad!”

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