Laurie, Ali & Meghan

Mother Daughter Couture!  Laurie wanted to mark this momentous time in her daughter’s life and make memories with her girls that they will share for a lifetime together.   Her oldest daughter and first born, Ali has just graduated from college.  Not only that, but Ali just was hired by Vitra, a high end office furniture company, in a sales support staff role.  The job happens to be in the place Ali has dreamed of living her whole life, New York City.  Ali has been involved with theater and dance her whole life and now she will be living just down the street from Broadway!    We all joked it was her Carrie Bradshaw moment to grab the city by the tale and live out her dreams!  But…this means she’s saying goodbye.  Laurie may need a lot of comforting over the next year—give her a big hug when you see her!    Don’t be surprised if we all come crashing your apartment and go shoe shopping then out for Cosmopolitans this spring Ali! 😉

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