Carroll Arts Theater, in downtown Westminster, presented a lively musical production of “Pocahontas” this past weekend.  The entire cast was our very own local child actors/actresses, all in grades 3-5.    The play was a delight and the hard work the children poured into the production was very evident.   The production was under
the direction of Julie Herber of the Maryland Ensemble Theatre and
Tabetha White, the Arts Council’s Children’s Theatre Coordinator.  Kudos cast–job well done!

  1. Jennifer DiDio says:

    Enjoy the collection of images from your production! I will post an album on my FB biz page in a few days. Feel free to tag yourself in images you would like to share on-line. If anyone is interested in prints from the production, I can offer 5x7s for $10 an image. Just give me a shout. 😉

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